Is Start A Business Easy?

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Many People Think That Start A Business Is Easy, But Let's Find out Is This Concept Correct? First: Let's Investigate The Folowing Areas:

- StartUp Facts:

Now! Let's Discuss The Facts Connected With Business Startups. According To 9 Out Of 10 Startups Fail In Business. According To 8 Out Of 10 Startups Businesses Fail Within 2 Years Of Business Startup Age. The Information Above Insight Us A Little Better About Business Startups Facts.

About U.S.A Startups; Based On Success Harbor Article "The U.S Census Bureau Reports That 400,000 New Business Are Started Every Year InThe USA, But 470,000 Are Dying. " Another Fact From Success Harbor Article "According To Small Businesses Administration- The SBA- Close To 33.33% Will Fail In Their Businesses, And 50% Of 33.33% Failure Will Be Within 2 Years."

After Viewing Some Of The Facts Assosiated With Business Startups, Now We Do Have An Answer For The Topic Question. The Answer Is No. Its Not Easy To Start A Business, especially In Current Time With So Many Competition Around The World. It Does Require A lot Of Hard Works To Be Among The 10% Of Survivors In Business.

- The Challenges Assosiated With Business StartUps.

After Investigating The Factors Associated With Business Startups, We Should Know More About Some Of The Challenges Causes Failure For The Majority Of Businesses Around Us. I will Focus On Four Main Challenges Faces Business Owners Around The World.

1- Business Owners Skills.

I Read Book Called "Managing Projects for Personal Success" And I Found A Great Fact About Business Success Says "Successful Project Led By Successful Project Manager" This Logical Concept Made Me Realize, There is Close Similarity Between Business Owner And Project Manager In Many Areas Of Duties. If You Consider Running A Business Like Running A Project, Then You Will Realize You Need To Have The Similare Skills To Complete The Business Goals Requirement On Time Within Budget As Specified At Correct Performance Leve Of Success.

Solution: Start Improve Your Project Management Skills By Improving Your Project Management Knowledge. The Best Way For Improvement Is By Reading More Project Management Books.

These Are Some Recommendation Books For You:

2- Business Management Performance.

Business Management Consider The Heart Part Of Business Body. The Heart Manage The Blood Flow In Human Body Workability, Similar To Business Management Body Performance. It Does Control Business Sensitive Workability In Business Success.

Many Businesses Are Facing Tough Challenges Building The Right Business Management Performance In Their Market. Let's Discuss Some Of The Challenges Associated With Business Management:

3- Budget Management Skills.

To Run A Business, You Need A Budget To Work Your Business Activities. Some Budgets Are higher Than Others, You Need To Learn How To Manage Business Budget To Meet Business Goals Requirements Successfully.

Solution: Start Cut Unwanted Business Expenses From The Budget (such As Over Insurance, Over Tax Payment,Share Office Space With Other Business, Ect...). Here Some Recommendation Book About Budget Management:

4- Marketing And Advertisement.

Without Marketing And Advertisement, Businesses Do not Get Recognized by Customers In Their Markets. There Are Different Kind Of Marketing Methods:

Solution: Start Use B.O.G Advertisement For Business Websites Marketing. Here Are Some Recommndation Books For Your Business Marketing Knowledge.

- Conclusion.

Start A Business Is Not Easy, But Successful Entrepreneurs Have Strong Spirit To Keep Trying When They Fail. I Always Believe "Challenges Could Under Strength Business Perfomance, But Won't Under Strength Successful Business Owner Spirit".

Here Are Some Recommendation Books:

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